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live 2016:

Julie Fahrer Quintet EP Release tour 2016
‘expecting’ live at the bird’s eye jazz club

JUL_CD_Cover_RZ Kopie
23. August
Julie Fahrer Quintet
Jazz ohne Stress, Waldsee Freiburg/DE
24. August
Julie Fahrer Quintet
Atelier hinterderscheibe, Feldbergstrasse 95 Basel
31. August
Julie Fahrer Quintet Coq’d’Or Olten
14. September
Julie Fahrer Quintet Weinbar Lindner Schwaz/AUT
15. September
Julie Fahrer Quintet, The Early Bird Innsbruck/AUT
16. September
Julie Fahrer Quintet, Zürich Privatanlass
17. September
Julie Fahrer Quintet Holzpark Klybeck
18. September
Julie Fahrer Quintet, Werkhof 102 Bern

weitere Livekonzerte


New trailer with the Sarah Chaksad Orchestra on Tour November 2016


remembering five years ago with my wonderful mother Githe Christensen and Samuel Joss on doublebass playing the danish folksong “i skovens dybe stille ro”


happy to have been part of this, thank you Guillermo Klein!


Project in Cooperation with Jasmin Albash’s ‘sing out loud’
POP UP-CHOR in Basel!
(got to projects-workshops for more information)


On Tour with my wonderful Quintet 2015


Julie & Sebu new Video recorded in Elba Mai15


Tournée 2015 Julie Fahrer Quintet -check the flyer!

1 Flyer


drrrg it!


S(w)ingin’ Lady’s Blues

This Lady impressed me a lot.
On wednesdays I sat out on my balcony in Basel and watched her waiting for the tram.
She walked up and down the pavement talking to herself with this funny tiny, high ranged voice. As if she was imitating a child.
This already sounded and looked fascinating to me:
A women, not young at all, walking there, talking to herself not interested in the people standing around her, trying to ignore her with this smile on their faces, as if they were something better. She was wearing this sandcoloured coat and I could see some kind of flower printed skirt underneath. Her hair was always a bit oily but made.
I got even more impressed when she raised her voice for some singing lines. Now that voice had changed the range to the low and her volume was big and powerful.
She sang in german and obviously enjoyed the proleterian sound this language can have.
She made these little games. Switching fast from the tiny, childish talk to the low, powerful singing.

I was fascinated. This lady made me think and I wrote this song for her.


Rehearsal with the INEZproject on the streets



The Art Of Circle Singing With Roger Treece. Improvising at Jazzhaus Freiburg 2014

You Tube Link unter Circle Songs part 7

‘I’ll Be Seeing You’ recording session with the young very talented bass player from Portugal Romeu Tristao